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    The Spits - Pain (2003)

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Marten de Vos, The Temptation of Saint Anthony, c. 1591-4
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"Behind the Closed, Closet Door"
Behind closed closet doors, is where evil likes to dwellYou ask parents what’s behind there, but they’ll never tellIt’s no use asking why, because mom and dad’ll always lieThey’d laugh if you were murdered, and don’t care if you die
So stay up through the night, staring at your closet doorWithin it live various ghost monsters, and terrorists caked in goreThey wait for you to fall asleep, so they can creep into your room(Likely to kidnap and then eat you, one can only assume)
You have to take advantage of a Closet Monster’s LawThat states “if a child stays awake, then you must withdraw”It’s a war of attrition, and you must stick to your plan of attack Cuz’ what’s behind the closet door is trying to make you into a snack.
You’ll see your parent’s surprise as they realize you survived the night(They’ll pretend they’re happy to see you, but it’s contrived delight)Eat a sugary breakfast, nap the entire day at schoolAnd be ready to stay up all night again to show ‘em you ain’t no fool.
(Starring the great Theodore Lewis of Thliii.tumblr.com!)
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    Wau y los Arrrghs!!! - Copa, Raya, Paliza (2009)

    most ehhez a nótához nem jut eszembe semmi, úgyhogy jöjjön három észbontóan férfias dolog

    - nagyon érteni valamihez (különösen ha olyan dologról van szó, ami engem is érdekel)

    - azt mindenki tudja, hogy nincs édesebb látvány egy alvó férfinál, de ez a reggeli merevedéssel együtt már tényleg a világ nyolcadik csodája

    - bajusz / szakáll

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