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  4. nkperkins:

I just found an old, short interview (4.2012?) that I did with Puerto Rican garagers, Los Vigilantes. It never ended up anywhere. Sometimes I miss writing a music zine, but I never miss having to act like I know a lot about music.
What was your favorite show in Europe and what has been your favorite show in the States?Pepe: Europe? For me it was the first one, Madrid. Javier: Yeah, Madrid was awesome, but the last ones were really good as well. I got some blood licked off my face.Pepe: Actually yesterday was really good. It was in Missoula. That was a really good show.Javier: People where falling on their asses and shit. And on this tour: Mexico. We went to Mexicali. We walked from the United States and when we got there they were like, ‘We’re gonna get you some tacos! Then you’re going to the whorehouse, then we’re going to pour, like, a fucking gallon of tequila down your throats!’ Rafael lost a testicle down there.Pepe: He sold his testicle.What?! How much did he get for it?Pepe: 50 pesos.Javier: Yeah, like five American dollars. He was broke. Who’d he sell it to?Pepe: Some chick. Anything else you want to say?Pepe: Thank you everybody for coming to our shows. We didn’t know what to expect coming to the States. Everything is a new experience. For there to be one person at a show that actually listened to the record, that’s good for us. We’ve been getting really good responses and there have been people to the shows who have been waiting for us. It’s been really great. I wasn’t expecting it to be this good. Javier: For me, McDonald’s gives me the shits pretty bad.
  5. ganzonette:

    embargate cuba, invadete il nicaragua ma non toccate puerto rico!

    disco nuovo de los vigilantes e video degli ardillas

  6. ganzonette:

    papapapappa papapapappa
    buenos dias!
    comunque alla fine los vigilantes si girano mezza europa ma non vengono in italia, que puta vida!

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  8. falsestuff:

Tegnap nagyon klassz volt
- önkényesen ötórásra csökkenteni a munkanapot
- életem legjobban sikerült fasírtgolyóival etetni olyan embereket, akiket nagyon szeretek
- együtt lógni két zenekarral, akikkel kiválóan lehet beszélgetni, zenéket cserélni, prank / fail videókat nézni, szidni a Slovenly-t (turnézó zenekarral lógni megközelítőleg olyan jó, mint turnézni - főleg hogy a dolog hátulütőiből így simán ki lehet maradni)
- megnézni ugyanezt a két zenekart és nyugodt szívvel azt mondani nekik utána, hogy nagyon jók voltak (főleg a Paint fumes őrült rongybábu dobosának, meg a Los Vigilantes énekes-basszerosának)
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